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Business Intelligence

The more data you feed Dr Dispatch, the more you can get insightful and actionable business intelligence!

Powerful Freight Brokerage TMS. Flexible Hosting in cloud or host on your own hardware. Almost 30 years of work has went into Dr Dispatch. Battle tested and approved.

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Analytics and Metrics

Keep a top level view of your business.  What’s working, what isn’t.  Who are the top 20% driving 80% of your business?   What agents are performing?  How is this year comparing to the last 2 years? Find out with Dr Dispatch Freight Broker TMS!

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Multi Agent Support

Designed to have multiple agents with the ability to hide information from other agents.  Segment your data by office or by user.   Perfect for in house and outside agents.  On Time delivery tracking and per agent revenue reporting included.  Post to load boards automatically from your planning screens.

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Industry Standard Reporting

From rate confirmations to simple accounting reports.  Dr Dispatch has all the reports a freight broker TMS would need.

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Carrier Monitoring and On Boarding Integrations

Loading bad carriers is a fast way to lose business.  Keep an eye on your carriers via integration with many third party carrier monitoring service such as Saferwatch.

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Flexible Deployment and hosting

Sometimes you need a cloud solution.  Sometimes you need an on premise solution.  If you live where there are hurricanes or other natural disasters you may need to move out of the Cloud temporarily.  During COVID’s initial period where many companies temporarily left the office to work remote – we moved those companies to our cloud hosting solution for the lock down and then back to on premise.

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Free Training & Great Support

Dr. Dispatch’s Freight Broker TMS comes with free training for your first 90 days (and we do encourage everybody take advantage).   We can focus on what your business pains are and how Dr Dispatch can help.  When you need, our agents beat and exceed our SLA every day.  Often times getting your help within 30 minutes!  Dr. Dispatch staff are trained to get you back to working as quickly as possible.

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Dr Dispatch was designed to move freight.  Over the past 30 years Dr Dispatch has helped move a lot.  We don’t know HOW much because we don’t pull analytics out of your data.

If you think you might start a carrier side of business – Dr Dispatch supports Dual Authority out of the box for no extra cost!  Single click move a load from one side to another.  Customer list is shared between both sides.

There’s nothing more flexible.  There’s a reason why our clients tend to stay with us until they retire.  Schedule a demo below and see how Dr Dispatch’s Freight Broker TMS Can help your company earn more and grow

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