Complete Transportation Tools

Every Dr Dispatch Program comes with many core transportation tools!

We offer a lot of add-on modules but what core transportation tools come with every copy of Dr Dispatch?

You can expect to receive the following essential transportation tools with any package of Dr Dispatch you choose:

  • Dispatch Load Entry
  • Inter-office Load board
  • Customer Rate Confirmation
  • Load Sheet
  • Revenue Reporting
  • Email Reports
  • Email Updates
  • Load Templates
  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited Shippers
  • Unlimited Receivers
  • Simple Accounting
  • Customer Statements
  • A/R Reporting
  • Salesman Payroll
  • Simple Design for Easy Use

Additional features are available depending on what dispatch section you work out of.

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Carrier Dispatch

  • Unlimited Trucks
  • Unlimited Trailers
  • Fleet Revenue Reports
  • Load Expense Tracking
  • Driver Payroll
  • Driver Load Sheets
  • IFTA Calculation Utility

Brokerage Dispatch

  • Unlimited Carriers
  • Rate Confirmations
  • Accounts Payable Reporting
  • Search Carrier Lane History
  • Mass Email Your Carriers Available Loads
  • Year-End 1099 Carrier Summary