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This is for upgrades ONLY!

This page will be removed late 2022 as 7 is End of Life.

Dr Dispatch Version 7 has entered end of life. This means version 7 will not receive any more work. Upgrading to Version 8 is highly recommended. The legacy DSAP plans will be retired in the coming months.

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Instructions for Upgrade (SERVER MACHINE IS ALWAYS FIRST)

If you need to re-install please install Dr Dispatch from → THIS FILE

Current Build: 7 Release 2 (Build 197) – (List of Changes)

  1. This is an upgrade for Dr Dispatch 7
  2. Close Dr Dispatch on ALL COMPUTERS
  3. Install Dr Dispatch 7 Upgrade –>(CLICK HERE)<– ON YOUR SERVER FIRST
  4. Your server update will start the Update Manager program (automatically runs and closes)
  5. Repeat step 3 on all Dr Dispatch computers after your server
  6. Verify you’re on the build from step 3 by going to the Help->About menu in Dr Dispatch
  7. IF Quickbooks export is not working after an upgrade log in to your Quickbooks company file as the Admin user and try again
  8. Quickbooks Export computers may need to download and install Quickbooks Integration SDK V14

Other Downloads/Utilities