Seamless. Efficient. Automatic.

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Brokers – Monitor Your Carriers Safety Ratings in Real-Time With Saferwatch Integration.

Brokers really can not afford to not use Carrier Qualification and Monitoring Software.

What if, you could automatically qualify your carriers AND monitor their safety and insurance 24/7, without doing ANY extra work? straight from Dr Dispatch?

Seamless. Efficient. Automatic.

Automation is the exact prescription you need to focus on what really matters in your business.

Manually qualifying and monitoring your massive carrier list should and can be, delegated to your software suite.

There’s no reason to NOT do this. It’s almost criminal. In fact, it just might be!

Brokers – If You Choose NOT to carefully qualify and monitor the carriers you do business with – YOU could be held liable for their damages!

An increasing number of court cases are finding brokers and shippers liable for damages when unsafe or poorly qualified carriers are hired to move loads.

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Dr Dispatch & SaferWatch have teamed up to help you monitor your carriers and avoid potential lawsuits and damage claims!

  • No Complicated Setup Required
  • Add a Carrier Contact to Dr Dispatch and Qualify Them at The Same Time
  • Automatically enter carrier qualification information from SaferWatch at any time.
  • Check A Carrier’s Safety Rating in REAL TIME
  • Automatic alerts and notifications. The days of manual compliance are behind us.
  • Combine with our Macropoint Tracking and GPS Integration to Tender Loads, Receive Updates, and Track your Carriers via The Driver’s Cell Phone (No Smartphone Required).

Overview of Saferwatch Integration with Dr Dispatch.




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Let us know if you’re interested in using Carrier Monitoring Management.

It’s quick, painless, and 100% worth it. You really can not afford NOT to utilize Carrier Qualification and Monitoring Software – and Saferwatch is your best and most affordable option.