About Dr Dispatch

Learn About Dr Dispatch – The Company and the software tools.

Founded in 1993 by Rick Holland out of his own need for easy to use, fast, and efficient software.

Rick had found that all software packages of the time were incredibly expensive, hard to use, and often time using a legal pad and white board was actually FASTER.

Rick wanted to spend his time finding freight NOT working on complicated software.

Rick started work on Dr Dispatch in 1993 with no intentions on selling it.

Taking his late 1980s, early 90s, Lotus Spreadsheet as a base – Rick designed a Borland Paradox Database.

From the database, a year later, he wrote his own brokerage dispatch software with the first step being – get a working rate confirmation and invoice.

Using the software for a few years Rick added features he needed and developed a module for running your own trucks.

Rick noticed a lot of people in the business were also looking for software but found the prices too high. The idea to sell one of the first Windows-based dispatch software packages was born.

Dr Dispatch was sold to it’s first customer in 1995 born out of the need for easy to use, low cost, trucking software.

Brokerage Load Entry

Brokerage Load Board

Trucking Load Entry

Trucking Load Board

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Carrier Rate Confirmation

Trucking Load Sheet

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