About Dr Dispatch

Software designed by a veteran dispatcher turned broker

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The Story

Dr Dispatch was created by Rick Holland in 1993 after he discovered that every software package at the time was extremely expensive and difficult to use. Because Rick wanted to spend his time finding freight and not deciphering complicated software, he created the software for himself without any intentions of selling it.

Using his Lotus spreadsheet as a base, Rick designed a Borland Paradox database. A year later, he wrote his own brokerage dispatch software. While using the software for several years, Rick added features and developed a module for running his own trucks.

When Rick noticed others in the business were unable to find affordable software, the idea to sell one of the first Windows-based dispatch software packages was born. The first copy was sold to our first customer in 1995, providing customers with affordable, easy-to-use trucking software.

Partner Integrations

DRD integrates with several partners to bring you a streamlined user experience.


For Brokers:

  1. Easily run routes and get mileage from Trimble’s PCMiler/Maps or ProMiles
  2. Monitor carriers with DAT, Saferwatch, etc
  3. Export all billing included carrier advances to Quickbooks
  4. Driver Track & Trace with Macropoint, Trucker Tools, Fourkites, and more!
  5. Multi-user security for agents
  6. Choose to host in our cloud or self-host
  7. And much more, too much to list.

For Carriers

  1. Easily run routes and get state miles for IFTA reporting from Trimble’s PCMiler/Maps or ProMiles
  2. ELD integrations with partners such as Peoplenet, Samsara, Driver Tech, and more
  3. IFTA fuel purchase import from most major card vendors (EFS, Pilot, Comdata)
  4. Post loads/trucks to the most popular Load Boards (DAT, 123, ITS, etc)
  5. Export all billing to Quickbooks
  6. Driver payroll and fuel tax modules
  7. Included Maintenance module FREE
  8. And much more, too much to list.

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