Technical Support Policy



Full technical support and product upgrades are included in the purchase price for the first 12 months after purchase of Dr Dispatch software or with an active Dr Dispatch subscription. Thereafter, customers are required to purchase either a Monthly or annual service contract.

This policy is our standard operating policy for the Dr Dispatch Software Assurance Plan – or DSAP

The service contract includes the following:

  • Technical support by email or phone Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST excluding holidays.
  • Access to Help Documentation.
  • Access to Installation Files.
  • All hot-fixes, updates, and upgrades during the period.

We are committed to providing files for upgrades to customers with a service contract that is up to date. The process of updating a dispatch system is detailed on our upgrade page and can be found at – Dr Dispatch support staff will assist with the upgrade on the server if needed and provide guidance for the rest of the client machines in the office. The usual frequency of releasing updates is monthly for hot-fixes and annually for major releases.

Upgrades include hot-fixes and updates of software, software modules, and additional licenses acquired at a later date.

Thirty days before the annual coverage anniversary, customers will be notified that their DSAP will expire that following months. At the beginning of the month that coverage expires we will send you a courtesy invoice to renew your annual support contract.

It is up to the customer to notify Holland Transportation about changes of their contact information.


Standard technical support includes consultation and advice:

  • software installation
  • general questions about product functionality
  • abnormal program termination
  • errors that may occur when using the software
  • software activations for current or legacy supported products

Technical support such as advanced training, installation of new releases, data conversion services, server moves, and archiving will be charged at the current billing rate of $150/hour. There is a minimum of 1 hour unless the work requested is estimated to exceed that time period. These will be tracked and billed accordingly. The time estimate will be created on a case-by-case scenario at the time of the request. A time estimate is simply that- an estimate and real-time spent is what we bill.

Dr Dispatch Support – DSAP – is not a replacement for general IT consulting. We work on Dr Dispatch only.

Holland Transportation is not responsible for updates or technical support of software from other vendors. The customer is responsible for its own technical environment that includes hardware, such as printers, modems, cables, workstations, servers, etc. and software from other vendors, including standard operating systems (Windows, SQL Server).


All software downloads are available at the time of purchase. It is up to the customer to save the original installation files. We will not be able to provide past updates or installation files. The only files that we maintain are the current install and latest upgrades available from our website. It is highly recommended that you make copies of all install files and all upgrade files for future use. A support service contract is required for access to these install files. Support Service Contracts are available as part of the initial purchase or later for an annual fee or while participating in a Dr Dispatch user subscription.


All requests for custom changes will be billed at $250/hour and will be supported in the current version of the software. Report alterations, including but not limited to, modifications to custom rate, custom invoices, etc. are not covered under the DSAP. We are glad to answer questions and provide guides in an effort to provide helpful hints to empower the users to customize their own reports.


Holland Transportation does not offer course-like training. Please note that Dr Dispatch Software Assurance plan is not a training program. While we do our best to share with users “How to use Dr Dispatch Software features”, we reserve the right to limit Question and Answer sessions. We currently do offer supported customers modest getting started training sessions on a pre-scheduled basis. These are offered exclusively on Mondays. In many cases, we will request that a company appoint a single point of contact for training and questions to more efficiently disseminate the training information. You can also visit our YouTube playlist for all Dr Dispatch Guides and Tutorials. Any additional training not covered by the contract of sale will be charged at $ 150 / hour and may be outsourced to our network of power users.


Holland Transportation does not offer On-Site Training services at this time.


The DSAP – Dr Dispatch Software Assurance Plan ( AKA support or service contract) is required for software functionality.If a customer decides not to renew the support contract, and at a later date requires technical support or upgrades Holland Transportation will consider that customer a new user with a new setup and without a contract.

Legacy Customers that maintain their contract past January 1st, 2017, are considered “Grandfathered” into a support plan if they are actively under a contract on Dec 31st, 2016.

You may continue to renew your subscription as long as it does not expire for more than 30 days.

A Contract may be renewed if it is a) Currently Active b) expired within the last 30 days or c) expired within the last 3 years and agrees to pay any and all reinstatement fees.

Fee Schedule

Under 1 year is a $699 reinstatement

Between 1 and 2 years is a $1398 reinstatementBetween 2 and 3 years is a $2097 reinstatement

After 3 years customers will be expected to repurchase their packages.

We will require full payment of the invoice above before restoring the service contract.

We reserve the right to refuse to return the client to the current version if the customer has been without a service contract valid for three (3) years.


This Technical Support Policy comes into force on April 15, 2019, and applies to software Dr Dispatch™ by Holland Transportation. It describes the services we provide to our customers covered by service contracts in force. We reserve the right to change this policy without notice.

Thank you!

Dr Dispatch Sales Team