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Truck Dispatch Software for Small Businesses and Startups

truck dispatch software

Truck Dispatch Software by Dr Dispatch was designed for small companies and startups by a seasoned Dispatcher that started in the field as a Diesel Mechanic.

After dispatching trucks for a decade, Rick started a brokerage and created Dr Dispatch for his own 2 person brokerage and 2 truck carrier company.

Dr Dispatch was released to the public in the middle 90s as the first Windows Based small business solution.

Since then – thousands of companies of started using the Doctor to take control of their trucking and brokerage companies.

Truck Dispatch Software should not cost as much as adding 1 or 2 power units to your fleet!

Dr Dispatch is priced affordably – it’s not cheap – but not so expensive that you need a 2nd mortgage.

The ROI you get using Dr Dispatch more than covers the initial cost.

Dr Dispatch is priced to fit your companies size and needs.

Don’t pay for overpriced software!


  • Windows Desktop Based
  • Single Entry System – Complete Dispatch to Invoice
  • No IT required – very ease to install, network, and use.
  • Everything you need to run a small to medium size fleet (including Owner Ops and company trucks)
  • 36 Minute AVERAGE Support Ticket Turnaround Time!
  • Written by veteran Truck Dispatchers for Truck Dispatchers
  • Load Entry, Check Call, Reporting, Invoicing, SMS Texting, and much more.
  • Driver Payroll, Maintenance, IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting and Auditing with Fuel Card Downloads, Quickbooks Add On, Macropoint (Send Loads to Drivers Phone and GPS Tracking)
  • All that you need – nothing you don’t!

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