Combination Trucking and Brokerage Dispatch Software
Designed Specifically For Your Small To Medium Business.

Monitor cash flow, company growth, dispatching, equipment scheduling, expenses and more!

Everything under your control

Dr Dispatch is designed to improve your freight and distribution channels by keeping the deliveries you manage under your control.

Track deliveries

Dr Dispatch helps you keep your dispatchers, equipment, and loads all on the same page. Dr Dispatch TMS helps manage and track those deliveries for Carriers, Brokers, 3rd Party Logistics (3PLs), Suppliers and Manufacturers.

Keeps your business ahead in competition

Dr Dispatch is loaded with features that help you compete in today's logistics world by offering a higher level of service than your competitors. Created by people from the trucking industry and backed by over 25 years of proven reliability, Dr Dispatch dispatch software is continually improving to meet the needs of today's high demand Trucking and Brokerage professionals.

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Dr Dispatch Software - Ultimate features for your business

There are many reasons why our customers choose Dr. Dispatch Transportation Software....

  • Stay Productive

    • Integration to GPS Track & Trace Drivers with Any Cell Phone, Smart Phone, ELD
    • One program to rule them all - run a brokerage AND a trucking company from the same screen.
    • Post available loads With a Free 123LoadBoard Account
    • Fast and Efficient Order and Contact Management.
    • Minimize flipping between screens.  Add Data in a single screen.
    • Complete Operations from Dispatch to Invoice. Enter Load once and the Load Flows Through the System
    • Create templates of common lanes or loads to spend less time with data entry.
    • Scan and Attach Documents Directly to your Loads or Contacts to send out with the Invoice.
  • Stay On Top

    • 360 degree view of your equipment and orders.
    • Track Driver Compliance, Carrier Risk Management and Qualification
    • Comprehensive searching and reporting.  Most reports export to popular file formats such as Excel and CSV.
    • Agent security available to keep your key data safe while letting outside agents work and make you money.
    • Monitor revenue by customer, dispatcher, truck, etc.
    • Communicate with Drivers and Customers from your dispatch application.
    • Expiration reminders keep you current with Equipment Inspections, Driver Qualifications and Carrier Insurance.
  • Offer a higher level of service

    • Send out industry standard Rate Confirmations, Invoices, and Load Sheets.
    • Provide customers with On Time/Late delivery tracking
    • Provide email notifications to your customers and share the status of the loads you're hauling for them.
    • Quickly provide your customers information without the need to lookup things on paper or flip through a bunch of complicated screens.
    • Brokers - With SaferWatch Integration You can qualify your carriers to insure you're using the best companies to haul your customer's freights.
  • High Return on Investment

    • Perfect for your company in any stage - Startup, Small, and Medium size companies.
    • Dr Dispatch is very cheap to operate. No big servers required. Limited to no IT involvement.
    • Free updates with our Software Assurance Plan (DSAP).
    • Many software packages require mandatory training. Dr Dispatch not only does not force training - you won't even need it.
  • Fanatical Support

    • You deserve top notch support - We give you our best.
    • 99% Of Support Tickets Resolved Within Our SLA.
    • First Response Time Average For The Last Two Years was 30 Minutes With Average Resolution Within 4 hours.
    • Let's face it - Nobody enjoys contacting customer service for a software package, but when you need us - our support team is ready.
  • Powerful Modules for Scalability


Dr Dispatch Offers Complete
Brokerage and Trucking TMS Operations Software.

Run Both Companies
- Independently -
All Under One Single Platform.

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Industry reports and forms at your Fingertips! 


  • Dr Dispatch saved my life. I was using expensive software which required more work than it was worth. I am a freight broker and we also have a flatbed trucking company.
    I was running both companies by myself and trying to keep everything put in the software. I worked from 6 am to 10 pm trying to keep up with all the paperwork such as booking loads, invoicing shippers and paying trucks and owner operators.
    When I discovered Dr Dispatch and purchased the software it saved my life. This software is so easy to use and it does everything I need. I now have time for myself and not being consumed by paperwork.
    The people who work there are all just really nice and willing to help. But trust me you will not need their help because Dr Dispatch is so easy and all makes sense. I would recommend this software for large and small companies.

    - Audrey Lehr @ Lehr Logistics, LLC

    It's easy to tell that you've stuck with a theme from your own experience that most 3PL's - who don't want or need a lot of bells and whistles - can genuinely appreciate:

    keeping the software as familiar as possible, so a user can actually concentrate on moving freight.

    As someone who's done everything from driven the truck to managing the fleet, I can certainly tell you that Dr Dispatch deserves the highest praise for simplifying dispatchers jobs without forcing them to become software experts.

    - Jon @ Total Logistics

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