TMS Software for Freight Brokers

Dr Dispatch team understands the ins and outs of the industry

Dr Dispatch TMS Software for Freight Brokers

Dr Dispatch was created in the late 90s by a veteran broker (dispatcher before that and diesel fuel injection tech before THAT!)

Dr Dispatch is the solution you’ve been seeking, with an easy-to-learn interface and excellent customer support. Our comprehensive software package manages the many facets of your business, saving you significant time and reducing stress.

“Dr Dispatch has allowed us to strengthen our internal accounting practices and grow our truckload brokerage business at a faster rate.”

-Dave Cranfill, MD Express

Dr Dispatch software for brokers allows you to enter loads and send rate confirmation in minutes. There is a Carrier Lane Filtering and Search option for added convenience, and the option to post loads directly from Dr Dispatch. Carrier onboarding and safety monitoring are managed by a third-party API. Read on to learn more about our time-saving features.  Email or fax rate confirmations, handle billing, leverage templates to quickly input many recurring loads, and much more.

Benefits of using Dr Dispatch for your brokerage

Save Time, Make Money: Enter Loads in Under a Minute

Common data in Dr Dispatch is saved, allowing you to enter loads in under a minute.

Auto-Generated Rate Confirmations

Rate confirmations are auto-generated and sent within minutes.

Carrier Lane Filtering and Search

Our Carrier Lane filtering and search option allows you to find what you need when you need it.

Carrier On-boarding and Safety Monitoring

Gain time and peace of mind with carrier onboarding and safety monitoring managed by a third-party API.

Post Loads Directly from Dr Dispatch

Save the time-consuming headache of additional steps with load posting directly from Dr Dispatch.  Most major load boards accepted

Gain Total Visibility of Your Loads

Our Load Board allows you to see the status of every load with filtering.

Auto-Generated Invoices and Pay Settlements

Invoices and carrier pay settlements are auto-generated and integrated with QuickBooks.

Flexible Hosting Options

Host on our cloud and access Dr Dispatch from anywhere or self host on your own network.   When COVID hit in 2020 we were able to move our self hosted in office customers to our cloud temporarily and then back when the lock downs were over.  What other TMS can do this?  You’re typically stuck on the web or self hosted with other software.

Rely on Our Top-Notch Customer Service

We take care of any issue that arises immediately—most are resolved in as little as four hours.

Additional features of Dr Dispatch software for brokers include:

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