DrDispatch Customer Tracking Web Portal

Provide your clients online web access to their loads.


Field Less Status Update Phone Calls and Emails From Your Customers

No reason to provide phone updates to your customers about their orders.  Dr Dispatch can provide an online web portal for your customers to check up on their order status.

The web portal is available online from any device from a web browser to a tablet or smart phone.

 Efficient and easy to use.

Loads flow to the web portal on status change or check call modification.


Customers can export their orders in all popular formats such as Excel or PDF.

We will soon allow customers to tender loads to you and provide automatic email updates.

Connect All The Dots

Using our Macropoint track and trace integration you can greatly reduce the time it takes to keep up with your loads and provide your customers timely status updates without emailing them or fielding phone calls.

Adding your customers to the portal and tracking their freight is simple to setup and just takes a few minutes.


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