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More efficient and easier than a spread sheet. Dr Dispatch enables you to quickly and efficiently enter, manage, and track your loads.

Quick Load Entry. Enter Data Once.

Creating loads literally just takes seconds. Dr Dispatch load entry is quick and painless. Loads become the invoice, no double entry required.

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Keep Track

Keep track of your load’s status and driver check calls. Email drivers directly from the check call section. Log date, time, and location of all check calls.

Cover More Freight.

Post available loads directly to top Internet Load Boards

  • 123LoadBoard
  • DAT
  • Internet Truck Stop
  • Getloaded

Print & Email Reports

Print and email reports such as rate confirmations, load/driver sheets, and BOLS. Make sure your contacts get their paperwork ASAP.

Mass Email Your Carriers Available Loads

Keep your known carriers up to date with your available loads via email. Email some or all of your carrier list with one button click.

Recurring Templates

Use Recurring load templates to cut data entry time. Quickly create a load from a template in seconds.

Data Security

Protect agent assets with our multi-user security module. Prevent employees from deleting important data. Keep agents important customers private. Keep your information private.

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