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We have been using Dr Dispatch for 7 years and found it to work very good for our business. I have worked with Jim Holland several times to get a few things to work the way we wanted and have always been pleased with what he has done. I can recommend Dr Dispatch to anyone looking for dispatch software.

- Danny McAlexander @ Blizzard Transportation LLC -- Blizzard Trucking LLc

We couldn't be happier with our choice to use Dr. Dispatch. We have used several different operating systems over the years and Dr. Dispatch if by far the easiest system to work with hands down

- Stan Larison @ Priority Logistics

We here at Ellison and Sons Trucking CO. Would like to thank you. Your Dispatch program Is without a doubt the best that we have used. Just tab through the fields, it's just that easy! We have used Dr.Dispatch for a year now and we love it! Everyone is always on the same page now.
Again thank you

- Ellison and Sons Trucking CO.

We have been using DR.Dispatch for over five and a half years and have never had a single problem. The program is user-friendly and easy to learn. We have changed accounting software, replaced computers, and moved into a larger location and their customer service helped make the transitions go seamless with the software.

- Roy McCammon @ West Michigan Transport, LLC

Best trucking dispatch software I've used so far. User friendly.

- Lonestar Bound

I appreciate your hard work in improving your software. I can tell you have a passion for what you do. And, in turn it helps our company run more efficiently and in turn increase our profits.

- Mathew Bell @ Santos Transportation, LLC

This morning a call was placed for technical assistance for some issues we were having. Jim assisted me as he has a few times before. His customer service was and is exceptional. Please commend him for his efforts and commitment to provide great service.

- Pamela Thomas-Head @ Freight Movers

Dr Dispatch has enabled our company to handle a much larger amount of freight per employee while still allowing information to be shared in a very organized and customizable manner between different employees.
Working with a smaller sized software company has many benefits including quick customer service and DRD's willingness to customize updates to your recommendations.

- Ryan Sienko @ Blue Line Logistics

"We couldn't be happier with our choice to use Dr. Dispatch. We have used several different operating systems over the years and Dr. Dispatch if by far the easiest system to work with hands down."

- Stan Larison Priority Logistics

Sunnie, Thank you for your help today. You are amazing!! It's so nice speaking to someone as helpful as you were. I don't know who your boss is but please tell him/her that we are extremely happy with you! Thanks again!

- Kathy Pierce @ New Direction Transport, Inc .

You guys rock!!! Thanks for all the support. We will probably continue to bug you for the next while as we integrate Dr. D into the Quickbooks and also begin using the product for our trucking side. Your support is amazing and so is the product.

- Alan Bird @ Halbersleben Trucking

Dr Dispatch saved my life. I was using expensive software which required more work than it was worth. I am a freight broker and we also have a flatbed trucking company.
I was running both companies by myself and trying to keep everything put in the software. I worked from 6 am to 10 pm trying to keep up with all the paperwork such as booking loads, invoicing shippers and paying trucks and owner operators.
When I discovered Dr Dispatch and purchased the software it saved my life. This software is so easy to use and it does everything I need. I now have time for myself and not being consumed by paperwork.
The people who work there are all just really nice and willing to help. But trust me you will not need their help because Dr Dispatch is so easy and all makes sense. I would recommend this software for large and small companies.

- Audrey Lehr @ Lehr Logistics, LLC

Dr Dispatch has allowed us to strengthen our internal accounting practices and grow our truckload brokerage business at a faster rate.

- Dave Cranfill @ MD Express

It's easy to tell that you've stuck with a theme from your own experience that most 3PL's - who don't want or need a lot of bells and whistles - can genuinely appreciate:

keeping the software as familiar as possible, so a user can actually concentrate on moving freight.

As someone who's done everything from driven the truck to managing the fleet, I can certainly tell you that Dr Dispatch deserves the highest praise for simplifying dispatchers jobs without forcing them to become software experts.

- Jon @ Total Logistics

Dr Dispatch software is so easy to use, and once you enter data into the software you do not have to enter again. It so quick at generating reports, and rate confirmations. My job is to move freight and find freight and Dr Dipatch makes my job that much easier.

- Don Bose @ DND