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Transparent Trucks



Headlines Today
I saw on the news the other day that Samsung is developing a system where trucks seem transparent for drivers.

They have a great idea of connecting a camera at the front of the truck to a screen on the back in order to allow drivers to see what is going on in front of the truck.

I love this idea, it allows drivers to see if they can safely pass the truck and it can give people a heads up if there is an accident ahead.

A Brief History of the Idea
This idea was developed by Art Lebedev, a Russian design company that offers various products. They formulated the idea in 2009 and Samsung is rolling with it, so to speak.

Pros and Cons
Now, there are some very important pros, in my opinion, to this idea. The fact that it will lessen accidents around big rigs, and the potential to prevent more injuries occurring during accidents (people will see an accident that has already happened and know to stop before it’s too late).

The cons, however might make this idea a rarity. There is no financial gain projected in regards to the companies who are targeted, and it could be a distraction to drivers rather than a help.
I know if I saw through a truck it would be a bit weird and distracting at first.

What is your opinion
What do you think? Would it be worth it for more trucking companies to utilize this software or are there other safety precautions that are already good enough to help prevent more accidents?

Is it a waste of money? Or is there a way it could save companies in the long run? 

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