Offsite Cloud Backup

Dr Dispatch offers offsite backup Included with your supported account.   This data is uploaded every night at 5AM to our Secure Cloud Server.  A snapshot of the daily backup is stored for 90 days.

To get started you only need to  “OPT IN” ( Email for Details )


I’m Richard Holland – one of the founders and developers of Dr Dispatch Transportation Software.

I want to share a personal business story with you.

A sad story with a harsh life lesson.  In 2010 my house was lost to a fire.

House Fire
House Fire

I had moved into my home office in 2009 and was excited about implementing a new distributed office model to help us thrive in a failing economy.

What I didn’t realize is that I was putting everything in my business and personal life into the same place.

After the fire I had lost a lot of data backups because I no longer had an offsite backup strategy!

Shortly thereafter we developed an automatic, daily, offsite ‘Cloud’ backup for Dr Dispatch. Every morning the Dr Dispatch data is uploaded to Amazon’s highly secure cloud and kept there for up to 90 days.

After The fire
After The fire

It was winter when I lost my house and it’s really cold out here in Missouri this week. This morning when I checked my mail in 30 degree weather I was reminded of the fire and my losses.

At that moment I decided I wanted to offer current custoemrs, with an active DSAP or subscription, our automatic off-site backup FREE to help out their business. To get started you only need to  “OPT IN” ( Email for Details )

If you don’t use our services, that’s OK, but please take your backup process seriously.

We get several requests from our customer’s who have a poor backup process or no backup process that lose their data all the time.