Dr Dispatch Cloud Services Trucking Software by Dr Dispatch – Join the 6000+ trucking companies that use our affordable, easy to use, trucking software to increase their productivity and put their office(s) on the same page

Lets face there's not many dispatch software options for apple users.  We've solved that for our customers by offering the same power and features of our windows desktop version on the cloud! 

I would like to introduce you to the Dr Dispatch Cloud Services! 

Cloud services means services made available to users on demand via the Internet from a cloud computing provider's servers as opposed to being provided from a company's own on-premises servers.


We have partnered up with Ascent Tech Services, LLC to offer the most stable and affordable Cloud TMS solution for the transportation industry! 

  • Guaranteed 99.9% Up Time!
  • Geographic Redundancy!
  • Continuous Cloud Backup
  • Increase Remote Mobility! 

With Remote Desktop on a your Apple Operating System, you can skip running Windows software on your Mac completely and use remote desktop software to access our Cloud Windows system running, Dr Dispatch, your Windows applications of choice. Organizations with business software that runs on Windows can host Windows Software on this Windows server and make their applications available to Macs, Chromebooks, Linux PCs, iPads, Android tablet, and other devices.

Get started for as low as

$129.00 Per Month!


We include Brokerage and Trucking Software with all of the core features and most popular modules! 

You can find the complete list of Dr Dispatch Core Features here.

Click the picture below to play this quick demonstration of load entry in Trucking Software by Dr Dispatch:

Trucking Software by Dr Dispatch Load Entry
Click to Play Video!

Benefits of using Trucking Software by Dr Dispatch

  • Quick and Easy Order Entry, IFTA, Driver Payroll, Salesman Payroll, Revenue tracking, equipment tracking.
  • Save hundreds of hours of work per week!
  • Setup takes 3 minutes per computer, auto network, supports all versions of Microsoft Windows.
  • Add On Fleet Maintenance, Fuel Card Import, Quickbooks Accounting, PCmiler or ProMiles routing and mileage, and Driver Messaging.
  • Quick and responsive support team.
  • Low cost of ownership with a high return on investment.
  • Provide your customers a high level of service.

 Created by people from the trucking industry and backed by 20 years of proven reliability.

Trucking Software by Dr Dispatch is continually improving to meet the needs of today's high demand Trucking companies.

 See why people choose Trucking Software by Dr. Dispatch ...

  • Complete Transportation Tools to manage your asset based carrier or trucking company.
  • Driver Payroll and Salesman Payroll Tracking
  • IFTA tracking and compliance tools
  • Hundreds of reports including Load Sheets, Driver Sheets, Rate Confirmation, BOLs, and MORE.
  • Speedy Data entry that saves you valuable time
  • Many integration options for mileage and routing, fuel card importation, finance, and driver messaging/GPS.

Optional Modules for scalability