Ditat Mobile Dispatch is designed for asset-light motor carriers that use independent contractors/owner operators for their power solutions.

Ditat Mobile Dispatch integration is designed for Trucking Companies using Dr Dispatch
Because Streamlining the communication process saves you $$$.

Dr Dispatch & Ditat have teamed up to help you monitor your loads, save time, and avoid penalties or the possible loss of customer due to arriving late!

  • Ditat requires no expensive hardware or installation fees!
  • Dispatch workload reduced by 40%!
  • All communications recorded in one central location – eliminates double entry.
  • Simple, intuitive application greatly increases safety by reducing distractions.

Visit Ditat’s website for a full list of benifits!

It’s 19/03/2019 09:19 AM ! Would you like to know EXACTLY where YOUR loads are?

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