Announcing Dr Dispatch 6

I’m pleased to announce that I have been working on Dr Dispatch 6.0!

Announcing Dr Dispatch 6 was supposed to happen a little sooner but I was side tracked with a new product (that I will post about below).

A big problem we have witnessed recently is a big slow down in larger databases or with wireless.  That was my first priority and I believe I have it fixed.

I’m testing the speed against a 500 meg truck database with 77,000 loads.  I’m pleased to report a 10x improvement in speed!

Build 79-81 of Dr Dispatch 5.5 also has a lot of features that were slotted for 6.0 – you can consider those builds a sort of pre-release.

What you can expect in the first release

Here’s what is planned or completed for the first release of version 6:

  • Massive speed improvement (completed and tested)
  • Larger screens (min resolution of 1024×768)
  • Font change/increase for readability
  • New archive process (no more techs archiving your data)
  • File imports from text, Excel, Access, and more (20 file types)
  • Many many tweaks
  • Better truck side planning/scheduling
  • Fixing the annoying screen flicker in Trucking Dispatch

The speed improvements are a huge change and a big reason you don’t see a lot of new features slated yet.

Increasing the screen size and changing the base font will make for a much better experience.

Load Board Font Change
Load Board Font Change

What about the future?

Future features/fixes are always changing but I do have a list of must do things…

Here’s what we have planned beyond the first release:

  • Drag & Drop File Attachment
  • Continuation of speed improvements
  • Administrative Dashboard
  • Tags
  • Web Portal Improvements (Tendering, Load Board)
  • Quickbooks Online Integration
  • More PeopleNet Integration features
  • More Mobile for Drivers
  • Multiple Contacts For Contact Records
  • And more – much more.

There’s been a big interest in Dr Dispatch going online as a web application.

I’ve begun work on that too!

I’m in the prototype stage.  If you’re interested in looking at the final prototype and having a look at the completed application later this year – Sign up Here.

Here’s one proposed screenshot – showing viewing a customer. You’ll notice the address, contacts are missing – but I think you can get the idea on where we’re going.

DRD Online View Customer Screen
DRD Online View Customer Screen – Prototype 2

Announcing Dr Dispatch 6 has been a long time coming.  We are proud of the work completed on it so far.

PS Unless you’ve been without a support agreement for a long time – upgrading to 6.0 will be included with your support plan.

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