Free Transportation Software, and Why Paid Is Better

I know, I know….I own a transportation software company (and we charge for our services).  Of course I’m going to say that free transportation software is ‘bad’, right?


A lot of free software is great.  From Linux to Facebook.  Plenty of technology and good have come from free software.  Everything free is good, right?

Wrong, again.

There are a lot of downsides to free software that you may not realize, and upsides to paid software – especially when it comes to small business software such as transportation software.

Here are just a few downsides to free business software:

1. Free Software Doesn’t Serve You – Often having slow response times or a ‘help yourself’ support attitude – it may be next to impossible to get support NOW.  You need support NOW if you’re operating a business.

2. Free Rarely Means Free – Deep down we know anything free probably has a catch.  A “Too Good To Be True” aspect.  In software, free often means YOU are the product!

Maybe they’re collecting your personal information, or marketing to you.  Either way you’er definitely the product.  While this may be ok as a consumer – it’s un-acceptable for a business.  Free transportation software could have access to your personal business data!

3. Free Software Services May Not Last – Maybe you mosey over to their support forum and arguing with a developer today – but what about tomorrow?  There’s no way to know that these guys are getting paid to work.  Maybe it’s a passion project for the owners now and tomorrow they will be off trying to sell gambling ebooks or something.

Changing software can be COSTLY (ask me how I know!) – when the hammer drops, you can NOT afford to be left with some free transportation software’s going out of ‘business’ process.

Why Is Paid Better, Particular For Small Business?

Innovation is one big reason.  Dr Dispatch can afford to tailor our software to meet small business needs because we’re getting paid to develop, research, and listen to YOU.

Service is the next big reason.  Providing service costs a TON of money (Especially if you don’t out source over seas).

Dr Dispatch service is currently running at 36 minutes average response time for 2013.  I challenge you to find free transportation software that can say the same.

Small Businesses drive our country and economy.  When I get the chance to sell our affordable transportation software to a small business, I know I’m helping our industry and our country thrive.

There’s no better feeling than that of watching our small business customers thrive and succeed.

Do me a favor and check out my software – I promise it will be worth our time.

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