More efficient and easier than a spread sheet. Dr Dispatch enables you to quickly and efficiently enter, manage, and track your loads.

Quick Load Entry. Enter Data Once.

Creating loads literally just takes seconds. Dr Dispatch load entry is quick and painless. Loads become the invoice, no double entry required.

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Keep Track

Keep track of your load's status and driver check calls. Email drivers directly from the check call section. Log date, time, and location of all check calls.

Cover More Freight.

Post available loads directly to top Internet Load Boards

  • 123LoadBoard
  • DAT
  • Internet Truck Stop
  • Getloaded

Print & Email Reports

Print and email reports such as rate confirmations, load/driver sheets, and BOLS. Make sure your contacts get their paperwork ASAP.

Mass Email Your Carriers Available Loads

Keep your known carriers up to date with your available loads via email. Email some or all of your carrier list with one button click.

Recurring Templates

Use Recurring load templates to cut data entry time. Quickly create a load from a template in seconds.

Data Security

Protect agent assets with our multi-user security module. Prevent employees from deleting important data. Keep agents important customers private. Keep your information private.


Contact management is an essential part of transportation.

Dr Dispatch helps your company stay up to date with customer needs, credit reviews, carrier insurance, driver compliance and much much more.


Search, group, and filter data in any conceivable way. Carrier lane history, customer histories, all loads coming out of a specific state grouped by customer, anything you want!

Contact Conformity & Driver Compliance

Track customer credit reviews, carrier packets, and other driver compliance.

Scan or Attach documents and files to almost anything.

Scan important paperwork to contacts or loads. Attach PODs to loads. View the documents later with the click of a field! Dr Dispatch will attach any file type supported by your computer.

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Quickly get a snapshot of load history for a given customer, carrier, driver, piece of equipment, etc.


Whether you choose to use our simple accounting for invoicing, A/R, A/P or integrate with Quickbooks™ - Dr Dispatch Transportation Software has you covered.

Simple Invoicing

Invoices practically create themselves from data already entered in the system. Quickly generate invoices in one of two standard formats. Load your company logo on the header. Cut your time spent on accounting in half!

Track A/R and A/P

Track and report on receivables and payables to carriers. Pull Aging reports to stay on top of customer payments

Complete Accounting with Quickbooks™ Integration.

Export 1, 2 or 1000 invoices to Quickbooks in seconds. Use Quickbooks™ and it's vast array of accounting functions integrated with Dr Dispatch to provision your company with a complete Dispatch and Accounting system.

Comprehensive Reporting

Plenty of financial reports to review and print. History, aging, and much more!


Generating reports is an important aspect of managing your business. Stay on top of important metrics, expirations, and other business lists.

Comphrensive Reporting Suite.

Dr Dispatch produces hundreds of industry standard reports. Load history, carrier lane, state to state, by shipper, and much more. Drill down and filter on almost any field.

Export any search to Excel

Export any report to PDF to distribute to other employees or attach to Dr Dispatch records. Create your own reports by exporting one of our reports to Excel and manipulating the data on your own. Export a report to HTML and share it as a web page with the world.

Several printable lists and compliance reports.

Print contact lists, shipper lists, available loads, insurance expiration notices and much much more.

On time performance reporting.

Track and provide customers with on time/late reporting including on time percentage.


Stay on top of key performance metrics and revenue figures.

Quickly get a bird's eye view of your business and cash flow.

Track important key performance indicators

Keep up on your business metrics such as dead head ratios, cost per mile and profit. Carriers can keep track of maintenance issues and load expenses to help find true profit per load. Brokerage profit margin by month, average profit per load, and much much more.

Pull and drill down performance by anything such as customers, carriers, driver, dispatcher, salesman, etc

Drill down into your data and find out how much revenue a given customer generates or find employees not pulling their weight. Find your top generating comployees and clients or whicn lanes produce the most profit.

Export to Excel

Export performance and revenue data to Excel for total contral. Great for those that wish to pull their own reports, create presentations, or track new metrics.

Nearly everything exports to Excel or PDF in Dr Dispatch


Transportation industry is dynamic and requires efficient and effective payroll. Dr Dispatch supports paying agents per customer and driver pay by company, fleet, or owner operator drivers.

Pay sales agents by percent of gross, carries pay, or profit.

Flexible pay options for agents. Each customer may have a salesman and pay rate.

Dr Dispatch flexible driver payroll options

Flexible Drive Pay

Per Mile, Flat rate, Hourly, or Volume (by weight or by piece count)

Prepare batch driver settlements

Print settlements for a driver in any way you want. Choose the loads to pay on and settle up with any date range.

Handle company and owner operator drivers

Pay each driver differently or the same. Dr Dispatch easily handles fleet owner, company drivers, or owner operators.

Create bills and checks for 1099 owner operators in Quickbooks™

Dr Dispatch can instantly create a check or bill to an owner operator or fleet owner driver with your settlements.


Keeping up with IFTA and Fuel Tax reporting can take up a lot of time.
Dr Dispatch can help you with that and even cut your time dealing with IFTA by 50-90%!

Prepare IFTA reports

Print IFTA reports based on entered data. With fuel card and mileage integrations fuel tax preparation times can be cut by 80% or more!

Import fuel purchases from Comdata, FleetOne, Multi Service,

Import all fuel purchases directly into the Dr Dispatch Fuel Tax Module and avoid having to input these by hand.

Export Data ot Excel

Export your data points to Excel with a single click and manipulate the data in any way you wish.

Catch costly data entry errors with built in auditing

Numbers not jiving? Dr Dispatch's built in audit tool can help find data entry errors such as loads where no state miles where added or loads that have a large percentage of variance between trip and fuel miles.

Stop hand entering state mileage.

Use PCMiler™ or ProMiles™ mileage integration to automatically pull miles per state for IFTA reports so you don't have to.


Dr Dispatch integrates with top fuel card, mileage/mapping, Quickbooks, and freight matching load boards.

Dr Dispatch truly is the complete package.

Leverage the power of industry standard milage, routing and mapping software from PCMiler and ProMiles.

Quickly run an order's miles for load entry or quoting, pull maps, driver directions, or fuel tax report for a route.

Export accounting data direct to Quickbooks and cut time spent in accounting.

Export customers, carriers as vendors, bills, invoices, and 1099 driver payroll

Import fuel purchases

Track fuel purchases from T-Chek, Multiservice, Comdata and FleetOne. Map fuel purchases to your Dr Dispatch loads and track load expenses and fuel tax gallons.

Post loads to top Internet load boards

Post available loads to 123Loadboard, Getloaded, DAT, and Internet Truckstop and cover more freight with less resources.

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